Wednesday, July 8, 2009

couch to 5k

i jumped on the 'running' bandwagon (ha! jumped. more like was pushed kicking and screaming in front of the wagon and it plowed me down). i am running a 10k in minneapolis in october with my sis-in-law. unfortunately, 'bandwagon' conjures up a wagon. on wheels. pulled by horses. in other words, me not doing any labor. or sweating. hmmm... yeah, that's not really accurate. lol. running is hard work. no lazing about on a wagon, waiting to arrive at my destination. instead, i am the horse.

yesterday was my first day. i'm training with my friend, mimi. she is running a 5k with her friend at the end of august. wish us luck. (if you want to know more about the program we are using to get ready for the race, search 'couch to 5k'.)

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