Monday, June 22, 2009

happiness is summer... (and my birthday) part II

an evening at the rockies game.

football and artist, ready to catch a ball.

bfp and i, bundled up because it is a little chilly.

todd helton at bat. i thought this photo was almost professional-quality - go me!

the first home run! i love the fountains!!

football and mommy.

my boys are having fun.

grand slam for the other team. rockies are now losing. :(

artist decides to take a nap. *yawn*

second home run! whoo!! we can win this thing!

artist wakes up to join in the celebration.

happy boy!

my football with a big smile.

football takes a picture of me, though it's not quite as good as mommy's helton shot. lol.

my guy, seth smith, at bat. i *heart* him. he hits a single!

come on, todd!

homerun!! we win! we win! we win! *streamers, confetti*

winning huddle from the most exciting game i've ever been to. :)
i think they won just for me, don't you?

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